Introducing the New Solo 300A Motor Controller

Figure 1: A view of the new Solo 300A controller showing the pin header and USB port.

BasicMicro is proud to announce a new addition to our lineup of motor controllers. The RoboClaw Solo 300A is our newest single channel motor controller design. The Solo 300A is designed for high power motor control applications such as combat robotics.
The Solo 300A is rated for 300 amps of continuous DC current with a peak current rating of 400 amps. The Solo 300A will be available in two versions: one rated for 34 volts and another rated for 60 volts. The onboard BEC for powering external hardware is rated for 1.2 amps, enough to power most microcontrollers and single board computers.
New in the Solo 300A is an expanded pin header similar to that featured on the dual channel RoboClaw models. The expanded pin header allows for the use of additional limit and home switches as well as utilizing an encoder channel. Just like the other RoboClaw models, the pins are 3 pin headers which are compatible with standard servo connectors. The new Solo features the full compliment of communication protocols including USB and bi-directional serial. Our free configuration software, Motion Studio, can be used to customize the operation of the Solo 300A.
The Solo 300A comes encased in a anodized red aluminum cases that functions as a heat sink for the controller. Mounting the Solo 300A is simple with the 4 through hole bolt mounting points drilled in to the case.
See the Solo 300A’s product page for more details.

Figure 2: The power and motor connectors of the Solo 300A controller.