RoboClaw 2x60A and 2x60AHV Design Update

Figure 1: The RoboClaw 2x60A motor controller.

The RoboClaw 2x60A and 2x60AHV motor controllers have been redesigned with new MOSFETs that provide improved performance and durability. The new MOSFETS used in the 60A and 60AHV model motor controllers are now capable of handling a peak current of up to 300A for brief periods. The increased current handling ability of the redesigned controllers allows them to better handle high current situation such as a stalled motor or sudden direction changes.
The new MOSFETs have a different shape and packaging than the MOSFETs used in the previous design and this allows them to be cooled more effectively by the onboard heatsink. The improved cooling allows the controllers to operate for longer periods of time at high current levels. It also reduces the wear and tear on the internal components from high temperatures and thermal cycling.