Robotic Lawnmower Build

Figure 1: The completed robot mower.

A user on our forums named “tonythemediaguy” has posted details and photos of his robotic lawnmower project. The robo mower is build around a custom frame that holds the chassis and provides mounting points for a pair of Quantum Q6 wheelchair motors. Also attached to the frame are an electric winch and a tow hitch. The builder has successfully used the robot to pull a 350 lb trailer up a mild grade. The actual work of cutting grass is carried out by a Husqvarna mover unit driven by a Honda gas motor.

The drivetrain is controlled by a 34V 60A RoboClaw motor controller. Power for the robot is provided by a bank of lead acid batteries and the whole battery system can be charged with the large solar panel and charge controller mounted on top of the robot. A 1500W inverter is mounted in the chassis of the robot for powering additional hardware. To keep track of the system’s state of charge a voltage meter is mounted on the outside of the robot’s chassis.

We thank tonythemediaguy for taking the time to make us aware of his project and sending photos our way. He hope to hear about futures updates to the build!

Figure 2: Is this the droid they’re looking for?