Musi Combat Robot

Figure 1: Musi in action.

A group of robotics enthusiasts from Estonia have posted several YouTube videos showing off their battlebot named “Musi”. Musi weighs in at 55 kilograms (121 pounds) which puts in the heavier weight classes of battlebot competitions. A pair of cordless drill motors are used to power the differential drive system of the robot and the drill motors are controlled by a RoboClaw 2x60A motor controller.

Musi’s weapon is a metal spinner mounted horizontally and is driven by a car starter motor. The tip of the spinner rotates at 260 km/h (161 miles/hr) and delivers a heavy hit with it’s 20+ kg (44+ pounds) of weight. The motor that drives the spinner draws 230 amps of power when rotating at full speed. Musi and its weapon put on a show for the crowd at an Estonian battlebots competition in 2019 going up against an opponent named Molvar.

You too can build a combat robot like Musi using on of the many RoboClaw motor controllers available. The RoboClaw motor controller features excellent support for radio control setups like those used in most battlebots. Also, differential drive motor configurations are easy to set up in our configuration software called Motion Studio. See this article to see how easy it is to make a battlebot dream a reality.

We thanks the Musi team for using our motor controllers and for documenting their project for the world to see.