Self Balancing Robot

Figure 1: The balancing robot in action.

A YouTube poster named Yannis Ulrich has show off a completed self-balancing robot that is a well polished project and performs quite well. A Raspberry Pi 3 is used as the brains of the robot. The Raspberry Pi talks to a RoboClaw 2x7A motor controller to operate a pair of Pololu 37D 19:1 gearmotors with integrated quadrature encoders. The code for the robot fuses the data from a MPU9250 IMU and the encoders to control the robot’s balance and position. A large Lithium Polymer battery powers everything on-board the robot.

We thank Yannis Ulrich for posting a demonstration of one of the many possible type of robots that a RoboClaw can be used to build. The RoboClaw motor controllers are available in a wide range of configurations to suit the needs of just about any possible project. The full range of motor controllers can be viewed here.

The code that runs on the Raspberry Pi of this self-balancing robot can be found here: GitHub.