RC Controlled Robot

Figure 1: The Runt Rover set up for RC control.

In an episode of “Control Issues” on YouTube a demonstration is shown about how to use a robot chassis and motor kit along with a RoboClaw motor controller to build an RC controlled robot. The robot is built around a ServoCity Runt Rover kit which uses two pairs of small gearmotors for propulsion. The motors on each side are wired in parallel and each side is then wired to a separate channel on the RoboClaw.
The RC mode of the RoboClaw is used to take input from an RC receiver which in turn allows the RoboClaw to control all four motors. The robot shown in the video uses skid steering, also know as differential steering, where it operates similar to a tank. The combination of the RoboClaw and the RC transmitter and receiver make it easy to turn any robot kit in to a remote controlled robot.
See the following Application Note for details on setting up a robot for RC operation: RoboClaw RC Controlled Differential Drive Setup
For a written description of the project check out this Instructables writeup.